How Your Donations
Help The Horses

We provide a safe place

We take in horses that people no longer want or can’t be bothered with or can not care for any longer.

Some of our horses are here for the long haul

We re-home what we can and give the rest the best possible life here.

All our horses need some kind of care

We provide dental, farrier, vet and dietary needs, as well as, training for those who may need it. We can't help these guys without your help. Every donation you give goes straight to the horses and their care.

We have many horses, donkeys and mules who need more than just regular care but some may need extra care.

One of the biggest needs we have is feed for the animals in our care. Your donations help provide the feed and supplements for them. We have animals who haven't been fed properly and are on the brink of starvation without intervention. These horses have a very long road to recovery and getting the nutrients they require to survive is essential.

We use your donations for any vet or other services that may need to be taken care of. Some of the horses that come to us have significant wounds that need immediate care. We work closely with our vets to get them healed and healthy. Our goal is to put these animals on the right track so that they can thrive and be happy healthy horses.

Helping Horses has a great team of volunteers who donate their time to help keep things running soothly. One of those volunteers is our farrier. Unfortunately we see many cases of hooves that haven't been trimmed and cared for properly. This leads to overall health issues. Our farrier donates his services to correct these issues.

Dillion is just one of the many horses your donations have helped

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